EcoData Retriever

To help improve ecologists ability to quickly access and analyze data we are developing a computer program called the EcoData Retriever that designs database structures for ecological datasets and then downloads the data, pre-processes it, and installs it into major database management systems. Find out more.


An R wrapper for the EcoData Retriever developed as part of the rOpenSci project. On GitHub and CRAN.


Python code for working with Harte et al.'s (2008, 2009, 2011) Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology. Currently under heavy development. Check out our GitHub respository.

rpartitions: Code for integer partitioning

Provides algorithims for randomly sampling a feasible set defined by a given total and number of elements using integer partitioning. On GitHub and CRAN


A collection of tools for some standard macroecological plots and analyses in Python.

Fitting power-law distributions to data

Matlab functions for fitting power-laws to frequency distribution data. Find out more.